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This page describes certain aspects of the test environment used in the Qt Project continuous integration system.

Generally, any test which wants to make use of the environment mentioned on this page should first check if the environment is set and skip if it isn't. This allows maximum portability of the tests.

Environment Variables

These environment variables may be set while a test is run.

Variable Description
QT_TEST_CI Set to 1 when running in the Qt Project CI. Usage of this variable is generally discouraged, but in certain circumstances it may be the best choice to make a test behave differently in a continuous integration environment - for example, to temporarily exclude from CI a flaky portion of an autotest, while allowing the rest of the autotest to catch regressions as normal.
QT_TEST_SMALL_FS The mount point of a small, writable filesystem. This filesystem shall be between 1 and 10MB in size. Tests may fill up this filesystem in order to test handling of "no space left on device" conditions.

Warning: there are no guarantees on the filesystem content when a test begins (e.g. it may be empty, or it may be already filled up by a previous test).


These host names may be set while a test is run; generally via /etc/hosts on Unix and SystemRoot32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows.

Hostname Description
qt-test-server.qt-test-net Points toward a network test server, used by many QtNetwork tests. The configuration of this server is available from the qtqa/sysadmin repository on the Qt Project gerrit and gitorious.