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CQtDeployer cross-platform deployment utility C++ Qt or QML applications.

Using 'cqtdeployer' can greatly simplify the deployment of C++ Qt or QML projects.


This utility is not an official development of qt and is supported by the community.

The main differences of this program:

  • Performance: this program deploys the application several times faster (up to 10 seconds)
  • Flexibility: this application's got flags that help you to configure the deployment for your or your project's needs
  • Crossdeploy: this application's support windows and linux distrebutives, This means that you can use it not only to deploy a project for your platform, but also to deploy a project on Linux for Windows and vice versa.

How CQtDeployer works

The utility transfers the path to the executable files of the deployed programs using the option -bin. The transferred programs are analyzed and get a list of dependencies. If the programs being deployed depend on Qt, then a list of modules is formed based on the dependencies. Qt plugins are deployed depending on the qt modules used. Then qml plugins are copied, if necessary, and standard qt translations. After completing all the steps described, scripts are formed to launch the application.

Example usage


cqtdeployer -bin myApp -qmake /media/D/Qt/6.0.0/gcc_64/bin/qmake -qmlDir ./


cqtdeployer -bin myApp.exe -qmake /media/D/Qt/6.0.0/mingw810_64/bin/qmake.exe -qmlDir ./


  • cqtdeployer is a utility call (befor version 1.4 windows version used %cqtdeployer% command).
  • - bin - the option for transferring the paths of the application executable files.
  • myApp.exe and myApp - the path to the application executable file itself
  • - qmake - the option for transferring qmake paths for qt deployment.
  • - qmlDir - the option for transferring paths to qml files of the application.

Supported Qt versions

CQtDeployer supports Qt4, Qt5 and Qt6 deployments (since version 1.4.7).

Snap version

CQtDeployer for Linux platforms is distributed in 2 formats:

The version for Snap works in an isolated container, because of this the utility does not have access to system files and libraries (/lib/, /usr/lib/).

To allow access to system libraries, enable all permissions for cqtdeployer. This can be done in the snap-store Or starting with ubuntu 20.04 in the ubuntu application settings manager.

If you do not have the GUI then you can enable all permissions using next commands:

  • sudo snap connect cqtdeployer:process-control
  • sudo snap connect cqtdeployer:removable-media
  • sudo snap connect cqtdeployer:system-backup