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This is a simple app created to show how states and transitions work on QtQuick. It is a daily coffee cup counter; each time you press the add button you see an animation of a cup falling and a number decreasing, complete with a fade-out and fade-in.

CoffeeTweed can work also as an introduction to Component Oriented Programming using QtQuick. Cup, Button and Tray are the demo's main components that are declared on a main file. An example of its simplicity is demonstrated when a Button is clicked. It is just a Cup state changing through JavaScript. The animation between states is defined inside the Cup component.

To build on this demo, you could try to create persistent data, add a field to define the maximum number of coffees to be consumed each day or create a button that would start the counting all over again. This would be an interesting exercise for you to learn more about states, transitions and databases in QtQuick.

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