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Dictiomania is a simple and fun language learning game developed by Movial. The quiz game uses open source dictionary data from Wiktionary.org and includes multiple language combinations, difficulty levels and game modes.

Originally developed for Nokia Web Runtime (WRT) and Nokia S60 5th generation handsets, Movial ported Dictiomania to Qt Quick to improve the graphical performance and to further enhance the user experience with 2D animations and rotating user interface graphics. The new game version works on Nokia N900 and other WVGA (800x480) resolution phones.




The Dictiomania will run on the Nokia n900 with Qt 4.7 prerelease qml viewer installed.

The QML viewer can be installed to n900 e.g. by enabling the extras-devel repository in the Application Manager and installing qt4-experimental-declarative-qmlviewer with apt-get. Application Manager won't install dependencies when installing a package from a local file instead of a APT repository.