Evolving QIcon and theming

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  • QIcon::fromTheme() Suffers from XDG legacy. Missing many icons (last updated 2006).
  • Fonts are used on both Android (Google Fonts) and Apple (SF Symbols - SF ~= "San Fransisco" font)
  • Today you can have variations such as "fill", "rounded", "outline", "sharp".
  • Should they be treated as themes? Maybe not? You might want non-filled and filled in the same application.
  • How does that fit into the API to get QPixmaps? (e.g. I want "filled" icons):
    QPixmap QIcon::pixmap(const QSize &sz, QIcon::Mode mode = Normal, QIcon::State state = Off) const
  • Some platforms can have palette on icons for richer color set (Google Fonts/Material)
  • Current tech preview implementation have some Opt-in:
  • Can we provide a default set of icons (also for those platforms who don't provide that, e.g. embedded)
  • Can the naming schemes be unified across platforms (e.g. apple might use a different logical name than on Android)? => Qt can add enum (typesafe) to describe what icon you want (like QStyle::standardPixmap() ) => Don't forget that applications wants to also use their custom icons (possible today with ini files and string based lookup)
  • Qt 6.7 will have a tech preview of the new icon engine implementation