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Examples from the QtXml module

Fill in the table below, see Examples Revamping for overview.

If all examples in this module adhere to the definition of the given column, mark it with , if the column doesn't apply to the given module, mark it with NA, and if there are caveats, write a comment.

The columns in the table refer to the following definitions:

  • Are the examples written according to good coding practices and current conventions?
  • Are there such examples that show how to use the module in conjunction with other modules as typically would be done by the user?
  • Do the examples have comments?
  • Are the examples easy to understand?
  • If example has UI, is it scalable according to current best practices of Qt?
  • Are the most useful examples of the module highlighted in Creator's Welcome view?
  • If there are bad examples, should these be removed or hidden?
  • Is the visual appearance of the examples (at least the highlight ones) nicely showing value of Qt in making good looking applications?
  • Do the examples work with our tools? For example works with Qt Quick Designer (and Widget designer)?
  • If QML example, has the UI been separated to .ui.qml file?

Questions for the whole module:

  • Is there a section / link in the module's documentation to its examples?



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