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Controls the bird by tapping on the screen to avoid incoming pipes.



A game based on the multi-million hit Flappy Bird.

In this Flappy Bird game by Felgo, you get the full source code of a similar game to the popular Flappy Bird. It comes with Felgo Game Network support for comparing your highscores across platforms.

See the tutorial for a step-by-step guide how to create a Flappy Bird game here: How to Make a Flappy Bird Game with Felgo.

Used Felgo Features:

  • Physics: Used for bird movement and collision detection
  • Multimedia: Playing sounds
  • Sprite Animations: Animating the bird and the ground
  • Felgo GameNetwork: Leaderboards for comparing highscores across platforms

Downloads & Source Code

You can also run the demo from the Felgo Dev App (available in the app stores) - in combination with Qt Creator and Felgo Live Server.

For more information and download links, browse the demo documentation of Flappy Bird.


This game was created using the Felgo SDK. Felgo, a Qt technology partner, extends Qt with 200+ APIs, game engine, unique tooling like QML Code Hot Reload and cloud services like Qt CI/CD.

You can download the SDK here or get it via Qt Marketplace.