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Session Summary

Presentation of Gerrit and CI plans at Contributors Summit 2023

  • Gerrit version update to 3.8.x coming. No rush to update, but be we don’t want to fall too far behind on the releases
  • New Gerrit labels under study: “API-Review”, “Failing-CI”, “Verified
  • Also studying how to show CI queue in Gerrit UI
  • CI HW capacity increase planned for next year is ~20%
  • Top flaky test are listed weekly in
  • Automatic bug creations for top 5 flaky items per week

Session Owners



  • There was some concerns about AI determining the score for “API-Review”, but as it is in proof of concept phase, it is ok for now
  • It was discussed if Jira bot should close the ticket when first commit is merged or when the last cherry-pick is done. There were opinions on both sides, so change to the current way.
  • There was a request to have link to the top flaky board in Gerrit UI
  • Precheck documentation should be improved, like how to exclude MacOS builds (Note: there actually is link in the precheck dialog to the precheck documentation, but people seem not to find it)
  • Automatic restaging of failed changes was requested. There were mixed opinions about it as it might just increase the load on CI and actually increase the flakiness if changes are just “forced” in. Maybe later if fails can be categorized between test and infra structure related, the infra ones could be automatically restaged.
  • Staging (or restaging)  whole dependency chain or topic would be useful.
  • The COIN mirror site seems to update the build status properly only after the build has finished. Can this be improved?

Discussions outside of the presentation slot:

  • Multiple discussion about having new bots in CI. There is some infra for it, let’s just do it. Bots can be project specific.