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Guidelines for groups

Requesting a group

To become owner of a certain group, members need the rank of Robot Herder. The request will notify the admin team and manual approval will follow. The team will look at all requests and make sure the request is feasible.

In case a group request is rejected, the requester will receive an email with the reason for rejection.

Naming of the group

The name should be clear and simple. For regional groups, unlike the forums, we ask requesters to stick to a country or region rather than a language.

Private or public

A group can be private (hidden) or public (visible). The default is public.

There may be special cases where a private group is needed but we prefer public ones. If you want to request a private one please state your reasons during the request.

Auto-join or manual approval

All public groups can be joined by all members, either automatically or by approval from the group owner. The group owner can change it in the settings. Default is manual approval.

Requesting a wiki

Every group can have its own wiki. The content hosted there should only be of interest for the members of the group (e.g. work-in-progress on translations, material collections for larger articles). Everything else should go into the main wiki.

Requesting a forum

Groups can have a forum attached to them. It can either be exclusive to the group or shared with other groups. Both types are part of the global forum and all users of Qt Developer Network have write access, regardless if they are members of the group or not.

Groups need a minimum of 15 members to request a forum on their own. Shared forums can be requested for all groups.

We ask all owners to state a good reason if a new forum is requested. We already have a wide range of forums available to choose from.

Setting the group image

The icon must be 60x60 px and uploaded to one of the sites indicated on the image page. We ask owners not to use the Qt logo for any group icons since we have strict guidelines regarding clearance etc.

Be sure to add the right link, pointing directly to the image, not to the admin page where you uploaded it. The link should end with .png, .gif or whatever format the image is.

Adding an external RSS feed

Owners can add an external RSS feed to their group. It will be displayed on the updates tab. Currently, we only support one source to avoid completely cluttering the tab.