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YouTube Video


YouTube Video


The intention of this project is to realize a smart home control application with Qt Quick.

The Smart Home Control application, developed by basysKom, shows how you can control and adjust various home operations from your PC and mobile phone. The demonstration covers the control of several house activities, such as the control of windows, blinds, heating and lighting. The operations are activated by a change in weather conditions, and you can also adjust the weather as you like in the "weather god control" mode.

The application uses nested JavaScript function for all logic parts in their QML-Files. Additionally a C++ plugin provides a smooth SVG image element. Despite the default Image element the new SVG image element provides dynamic SVG features. The C++ plugin provides a convenience class for date and time and, in addition, tons of animations, transitions and states are integrated to get a fluid and smooth control flow.


Source Code



The Smart Home Control demo runs on Nokia N900 and on any desktop platforms.

  1. Unpack the archive if you have not done so already.
  2. Enter the package directory in a console window and configure the package by typing: qmake.
  3. To build the application type: make. Or if you are using Microsoft Visual Studio compiler: nmake.
  4. To start the application open the binary that was created in the same folder.

Steps 2, 3 and 4 can be dropped by simply opening the .pro file with the QtCreator (it's best to use the newest version available) and build and also execute it there.