How to Install deb to MeeGo Harmattan

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IMPORTANT: The content of this page is outdated. Reason: The MeeGo/Harmattan platform is no longer supported. It has been replaced by Tizen.
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How to Install deb To MeeGo Harmattan


The package format used by MeeGo Harmattan and Maemo OS is deb. These packages can be installed by opening them from browser, application manager or using the console.


This example shows how to install deb files to MeeGo Harmattan devices through the console. If you want to access MeeGo Harmattan device remotely download and install sdk-connectivity-tool. Run it to obtain login cretentials. After that login remotly or run app Terminal on the device. Get root access first: devel-su rootme

and execute the following command:

dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/sample.deb

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