How to use gSOAP with Qt for Web Service Client

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gSOAP is a portable development toolkit for C and C++ XML Web services and XML data bindings. It supports XML auto-serialization of C/C++ data. Includes WSDL/XSD schema binding tools, stub/skeleton compiler, Web server, SOAP/XML/MIME streaming, XML-RPC. Here is how to use it to build a web service client in Qt.


gSOAP package contains pre-built tools in the gsoap/bin directory.

  • wsdl2h
    schema importer
  • soap2cpp
    stub/skeleton generator.
You require
files of the web service to generate a c++ stub.

Modify your project

  • First use wsdl2h on a .wsdl file to generate a .h file, then use soap2cpp on the generated .h file to generate .h and .cpp files to be included in your Qt project.
  • Before using wsdl2h you have to modify the typemap.dat file, this file is present in gsoap/ws directory. Add a line in this file defining the namespace of your web service. Give any name to namespace and copy string from your .wsdl file following the tag.
<definitions targetNamespace=http://something>

Add this line to typemap.dat file:

Anything ="http://something"
  • Now run wsdl2h on .wsdl and .xsd files (from command prompt)
wsdl2h s -t<path of typemap.dat> o <name of generated .h file e.g chatpp.h> <path and name of .wsdl file>

(note .xsd file should be in same directory as .wsdl file)

  • Then use soapcpp2 on generated .h file (we assume that name of generated file is chatapp.h)
soapcpp2 i chatpp.h

this will generate multiple files


and an xml file for each method in defined in .wsdl file.

  • now add

as headers in to your qt project and then add


as source

  • add include path of yor generated file in .pro file of your qt project or simply copy all of generated files to your project directory. Also add path of "libws2_32.a" in your .pro file I my case it is as under
LIBS += C:/NokiaQTSDK/mingw/lib/libws2_32.a
  • also add stdsoap2.h and stdsoap2.cpp from gsoap directory as header and source in your project.
  • now include chatapp.nsmap and chatappProxy.h in your main.cpp.
  • make an object of chatappProxy and use it to communicate with webservice.

above method worked for me while using gsoap with NokiaQtSDk on windows xp.