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Using Qt Quick Component for Symbian

In June 6, 2011, exciting news was released: Qt Quick components are available to the public finally. As the announcer mentioned, Qt Quick components help to create a fresh and modern UX with added productivity. This is the first introduction of "real" Qt Quick mobile UI elements to the public.

In this article, we will introduce how to use the Qt Quick Components for Symbian: the set of components for application development using the latest Symbian user interface design.

Obtain the Qt Quick components for Symbian

Please note that Qt Quick components are still under experimental; you can get the experimental package in any of the following ways:

Qt Lab has mentioned the following ways to get Qt Quick components for Symbian:

' If you have Qt SDK 1.1 installed, open Qt SDK's Maintenance tool in Qt Creator ( Help | Start Updater ) and find from "Package Manager" a "Qt Quick components for Symbian" update under "Experimental" category. Once you have updated successfully, the Qt SDK's maintenance tool will look as follows:

' If you don't have Qt SDK installed yet, find an online installer and remember to select "Custom installation" and "Qt Quick components for Symbian" under "Experimental".

Import Qt Quick components example

After the succesful installation of Qt Quick components, let's see what it will looks like! Open the example located at
take "gallery" as an example, open the for the Qt quick component example project, and swich to the creator designer, you will see how beautiful the Qt quick components look: The component palette in Qt Quick Designer Looks and feel of the gallery example in Qt Quick Designer

Running and deploying

You can run this example in qt Simulator (see the following pic) or deploy it in a Symbian device.

Hint : if you get complaints that there is no simulator for Qt4.7.3 then you can start the emulator yourself by double clicking on
C:.exe. Look and feel of the gallery example in running Qt simulator