Howto do a clean uninstall and reinstall of qt sdk

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Uninstall and Reinstall QtSDK on Mac system

  1. sudo QtSDK/
    1. In newer versions replace both instances of SDKMaintenanceTool with MaintenanceTool.
    2. If not QtSDK, check for /Users/YourUserName/QtX.Y.Z where X.Y.Z is a Qt version.
  2. The tool's dialog window will show up. In the dialog window select "Remove all components".
  3. Click the Continue button, the the Uninstall button to confirm. Qt SDK will be uninstalled and QtSDK directory will be removed.
  4. Run the QtSDK installer if reinstallation is needed.
  5. In the installation dialog window, make sure to check the box "Remove the old Qt Creator's setting".
  6. Continue to finish the installation.