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This article is a bit outdated but might still be useful.

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YouTube Video


Digia explores Qt Quick in a connected In-Vehicle Infotainment cross-platform demo. The demo is written completely in QML, and features navigation (OVI Maps), web browser, music player, animations, and more. Use this as a starting point for developing your own IVI system!


Source Code


In order to build the demonstration you need to have Qt 4.7.0 or higher and Qt Mobility API 1.1 or higher. Installation packages can be obtained from and Qt Mobility API installation instructions for different platforms are available from

For Maemo build, please refer to instructions found from

After checking out the source code open the in Qt Creator or in the command line run:

  • qmake
  • make
    (Windows with MinGw) or
    (Visual Studio)

Demonstration does not use OpenGL acceleration by default but you can enable acceleration by uncommenting openGL related lines in