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Potential scope for infrastructure work in the Qt project:

  • Gerrit maintenance, feature additions, bug fixing, CI integration
  • Additional CI tools, extending CI tools such as CDash and Jenkins
  • Higher level Qt specific tools such as Gamma Ray
  • Tools to make development, debugging and contribution to Qt easier.

Potential Tasks

  • Gerrit
    • Fixing issues in new features, getting them upstream
    • CI integration generalization - CDash, Jenkins, Hudson
    • Improved static analysis for uploaded changes
    • Enabling topic review functionality again
  • Process for adding more CI, daily/weekly/monthly testing on wider range of hardware, compilers, OS
  • How should tools like Gamma Ray be collaborated on/promoted?

We (Kitware) are developing against the topic provided by Code Think with the topic branch functionality. We have fixed several issues and made our changes available on Github [1] along with providing a test server [2] running the code in the branch. We also attended the GitTogether and discussed integration of the topic branch functionality with Shawn Pearce.


There is no official structure in place yet, but here goes a self-nominated list as a first approximation. Add yourself if you want to help or drive a task (I am sure there are more):