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How is the application started?

We all know that the application is started after we create a QApplication like the following:

QApplication app(argv, args);<code>
wow, thats really much easier than symbian, you know, you have to know so much about the AVKON application framework when using Symbian C++, and for now, all you have to know is creating a QApplication. But Im the person who always wanna know more, so lets look inside the source code.

First, let us take a look at QApplication's ctor:
QApplication::QApplication(int &argc, char **argv)
: QCoreApplication(*new QApplicationPrivate(argc, argv, GuiClient) //create a QApplicationPrivate


Q_D(QApplication); //just Q_D macro, so we can just the following d
d->construct(); //call d's construct()


Line 2 creates a QApplicationPrivate with argc, argv and GuiClient. Here GuiClient is an enum, and we use it to tell QCoreApplication what type of application we wanna create.