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Once you have written an example (see Writing Qt Examples) and documented it, you need to do the following things to ensure that it will work correctly within Qt's build and documentation systems:

  1. Ensure that the example's .pro file contains the standard rules for installation.
  2. Add the example directory to the parent directory's .pro file. Make sure that the example compiles when make sub-examples is run.
  3. Add documentation for the example to the examples/<module>/ directory. Make sure you create a screenshot with a file name that ends in -example.png.

The Qt_Documentation_Structure page contains the documentation structure for examples.

  1. Ensure that the example and documentation files are correctly licensed. Use existing license headers for examples and documentation and update the year accordingly. The headers are in qt5/qtbase
  2. Add a link to the example documentation from overviews, the example pages, and other relevant documentation.
  3. Add the example to qtdemo by editing the demos/qtdemo/xml/examples.xml file.