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JIRA priorities

This is an attempt to make the selection of the 'right' priority of a JIRA issue more transparent.

This is work in progress

The authoritative resource is on Jira - this page should be understood only as a tool.


Start with priority 3. Then raise, or lower the priority based on the bug's severity, visibility, whether it's a regression, or whether there's a workaround.

Default Priority 3
Severity -1 Does the bug make the application unusable (crashes/hangups …)?
Regressions -1 Does the bug break code that worked in (recent) previous versions?
Visibility +1/0/-1 How many people using the feature are affected? Just a few (+1), some (0), quite many (–1)
Workaround +1 Is there an (easy) workaround?

Other factors that might alter the priority: Compilation issues, legal issues, potential for data loss, etc.