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Session Summary

Follow up session from QtWS23 talk:

The Role of language bindings in the future of Qt Ecosystem:

  • Current bindings - Python, Rust (KDAB), Java/Kotlin (QtJambi), Zig (QML) etc.
  • CXX-Qt
    • idea is to offload tasks to Rust rather than completely use Rust and QML. ie. only expose a subset
  • Packaging
    • Maybe use QtCreator templates to create a tool like Cargo for Qt projects
    • Update: From the vcpkg initiative by the build team, it can be combined.
  • ZIG
    • has templates for new projects
    • can easily use C functions without FFI bindings
    • fully supports cross compilation
    • time to look into other langauges to get into community

Having QML as a connector with many languages to Quick applications would be great, so we don't need to have full-blown bindings for languages, but just a middle layer. This needs the help of the QML team :D

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