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One Card! is a turn-based card game for up to 4 players. It's a cross-platform mobile game based on ONU. It's available for free on both iOS and Android devices.

One Card! uses the V-Play Multiplayer component to add in-game chat, an intelligent matchmaking system and an ELO rating system. It also includes leaderboards, offline messaging and a social system that allows you to connect and play with your friends. You can see a video trailer featuring One Card! here.

This is an open-source game example. You can find and edit the source code in any way you like by downloading V-Play.

V-Play Cross-Platform Game Engine

This game was created using the V-Play Game Engine. This free SDK is now available for download.

The V-Play Game Engine lets you create cross-platform mobile games from a single codebase. It was designed with 2D casual games in mind. Research2guidance benchmarking named V-Play as the cross-platform tool with the most ease-of-use, time-savings and customer satisfaction. You can also add a full range of 3rd party plugins for monetization, analytics and user engagement to your game in minutes thanks to V-Play Plugins.

Open Source Game Example

You can access the source code for this example game when you download V-Play or you can download the game from Google Play or the App Store. One Card! is an open-source project so you can use it as the basis for your own multiplayer games. Change the code as much or as little as you like and create multiplayer card games in a reduced amount of time.

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You can also view the source code for this game in the V-Play Sample Launcher.

Game Features

The main feature of One Card! is V-Play Multiplayer. The V-Play Multiplayer component can be included in your game with less than 100 lines of code. This means that you can integrate this feature into your game in less than 10 minutes. It lets you add all of the following features:

  • Real-Time & Turn-Based Multiplayer Support: V-Play Multiplayer supports both real-time and turn-based gameplay, so you can use it to make many different types of multiplayer games. It's perfect for making player-vs-player games like 'Words with Friends' or games for a large amount of players, such as 'Clash of Clans'.
  • Matchmaking & ELO Rating System: V-Play Multiplayer includes a matchmaking feature that allows you to play with your friends or join already running games. It also includes an ELO Rating System that matches players against opponents of a similar skill level to ensure competitive gameplay.
  • Friend System and Social Features: V-Play Multiplayer lets you add your friends or make new friends with players you meet in-game. You can also compare your highscore with your friend’s in a dedicated Friends leaderboard. These leaderboards are sure to increase your retention and engagement rates as players compete against friends and international players to reach the top of the rankings.
  • Interactive Chat & Push Notifications: V-Play Multiplayer features a messaging system so you can chat with your friends, even if they’re not online. This makes it easy to discuss games or arrange future matches. Best of all, V-Play Multiplayer sends Push Notifications to players when they receive new messages or game invites.
  • Player Profiles & Cloud Synchronization: V-Play Multiplayer lets you create your own player profile. You can upload a profile picture, set a username and decide if your national flag should be displayed. It’s simple to do and no additional logins are required. Furthermore, all the player data like highscores or earned achievements gets synced across platforms and across devices with the built-in V-Play Game Network cloud synchronization.

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Plugin Features

One Card! also uses the following plugins:

  • VPlayGameNetwork: The V-Play Game Network is a cross-platform gaming service that allows players around the world to compare game highscores and achievements. Players can also challenge each other across multiple platforms and share their progress on Facebook on all supported platforms by V-Play: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, MeeGo and also an all desktop platforms Windows, Mac and Linux. Integration in your game takes less than 10 minutes, so start using it and increase your player retention today!
  • Soomla Plugin: The Soomla Plugin fully supports in-app purchases for iOS App Store and Android in-app products on Google Play Store & Amazon AppStore. Simply define your in-app purchases within your existing QML code and use the same API to trigger cross-platform purchases within your games & apps.
  • AdMob Plugin: Once you have included V-Play AdMob Plugin you can display ad banners and interstitials from Google advertisers in your apps & games. You then get paid every time your users click on ads in your app.
  • Flurry Plugin: The Flurry plugin provides functions for getting insights into your app's usage for iOS & Android. You can use it to track application usage, user events and gather audience analytics.
  • Google Analytics Plugin: The Google Analytics Plugin lets you measure user interactions for your mobile and desktop apps. It allows to track screen views and custom events to gain insights into your app's usage.


This game is available in complete form as an open source example game from V-Play. You can download the free SDK here.

You can also download it from Google Play or the App Store.