Present and future of Qt for Python

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Session Owners

  • Shyamnath Premnadh
  • Adrian Herrmann

Session Summary

  • QtScrypt use cases: Creator / Design Studio (internal), Blender
  • iOS: No C++ users present, Qt iOS still statically linked, Apple scripting restriction has been relaxed
  • Academy: What courses? Python in QML?, bindings, Design Studio?

Open Discussion:

  • No Qt for Python users present - what would make devs use it? Why interested?
  • Design Studio for PySide?
  • Design Studio Plugin API in Python: Quick3D scripting workflow like in Blender
  • Uses cases: Rapid Prototyping, scripting, even theming?
  • Creator: Text macro/todo, VCS plugin, LSP interaction of text editor (think Neovim's Lua bindings)