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This is a page dedicated to PySide (Qt4). For recent development on PySide2 (Qt5) and PySide6 (Qt6) refer to Qt for Python

If you want to submit any idea just edit this wiki page. You can contact any PySide mentor or join to #pyside channel on freenode to discuss the current or new ideas.

PySide Mentors

Hugo Parente Lima
link_id: hugopl
irc: hugopl

Marcelo Lira
link_id: setanta
irc: setanta

Luciano Wolf
link_id: luck
irc: luck

PySide GSoc ideas

Fix as many bugs you can!

This is self explanatory.

Remove ABI workarounds from ApiExtractor

ApiExtractor is a static library now, so it doesn't need to have workarounds to keep the ABI, this is a simple task and it alone doesn't make a gsoc, but it can be added as an extra task.

Qt5 Essentials bindings

Create bindings for Qt5 essential modules fixing bugs that may be discovered in the way.

KDE libs bindings

This is self explanatory.

QScintilla bindings

Currently, PySide lacks bindings for QScintilla, which is a nice editor control used on IDEs or advanced text editors.

Use APIExtractor to generate type system skeletons for new bindings

Write a tool that uses ApiExtractor to generate skeletons of type system files - useful when creating new bindings with Shiboken. Maybe this is too small for a GSoc.

PySide/Python support for QtCreator

Add support for PySide on QtCreator.

Visual tool to fast edit type system files

A GUI tool to fast find/edit entries on type system files.

Android Support

Port PySide to Android. Pointers on how to get started at Building PySide on Android

Qwt Binding

(Maybe out dated idea, see Have a Qwt/QwtPlot3D/QwtPolar binding, as often asked.

Qt 5 Support

Make PySide support Qt_5.0, due to be released end of June.

Shiboken tutorial / interactive demo

Write extensive tutorial on how to provide a Pythonic binding for your favorite C/C++ library with Shiboken. Take any C/C++ game with non-restrictive license and try to provide a Python console scripting API using Shiboken for it.

Make Shiboken compile to NaCl