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Near Term Plans for PySide (April 26, 2015)

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Near Term Plans for PySide (March 26, 2013)

I'd like to outline what I'd like to see happen regarding pyside in the near-term:

  • Getting a new minor release out — there are fixes in the git repository that should be more widely used so I'm interested in making a release of the current code, with perhaps a few other minor fixes. The release will come from a new team of developers (including myself) and we'll be learning how to do it along the way.
  • Improving documentation for Python developers — Roman and lndn have started working on the wiki and the generated documentation and my hope is that we can generate / update docs in the future as releases occur.
  • Cleaning up the bug tracker — numerous bugs have been filed and I need to get a sense of them and their relative importance. Some can be closed (at least one of my bugs is fixed but I don't currently have the privileges to close it) and perhaps others are easy fixes. I'd also like to get more people looking at the tracker and triaging reports.
  • Getting more people up to speed on pyside internals — the more people that know how the C++ core of pyside works, the more people who can fix bugs and improve it. I plan on helping C++ developers as they dive into the code as well as trying to document the internals. My hope is that we can get a few more developers involved and to the point where they can be added as reviewers.

Further down the road (but not that far) is improving things at the C++ level and working on supporting qt5.

If you can help with any of this, please consider contributing to pyside. You can ask here if you have questions or on #pyside on freenode (I would like to see the irc channel become more active).

— John Ehresman

Note: These near term plans are being discussed in the mailing list.

Summary of PySide BOF at PyCon

  • A PySide sprint will be held at SciPy 2013 in June.
  • BOF attendees are working to arrange a week held in Enthought in Austin, TX in order to develop a

work plan to serve as the foundation for collaboration among interested companies. Possible attendees include John Ehresman, Robin Dunn, Christian Tismer and any others interested and able to attend.

  • Several individuals will further investigate the possibility of their companies contributing development funds and/or effort.
  • Enthought will look into any legal issues that need to be addressed.
  • Several attendees will try to contact other companies identified at the meeting, that might be able to participate in drafting and implementation of a work plan. This could include using the recent PySide survey on this mailing list to find potential contributors.

— Stephan Deibel