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QtQuick 1 vs QtQuick

work in progress

The idea of this wiki page is to have a "some how" porting guide for customers, having a Qt 4.8/QtQuick 1 application, to get a Qt5/QtQuick 2 application. The focus is on the QML part, not the c++ part. What are new elements, which elements are deprecated, what needs to be changed.

ideas from Girish:

  1. The change in javascript engines.
  2. What's changed in the js syntax in QML2 (if any)
  3. C++ api changes - like how does we create items these days? How is it different from QML1
  4. Dependency on GLES2 unlike QML1

For porting an existing QtQuick 1 application to QtQuick 2 and make use of new features of QtQuick 2, there are some changes in the QML files necessary, which are listed below.

QtQuick 1 QtQuick 2
import QtQuick 1.0 import QtQuick 2.0
import Qt.labs.particles 1.0 import QtQuick.Particles 2.0
import Qt.labs.shaders 1.0 import QtQuick 2.0
import QtQuick 1.0 import QtQuick.XmlListModel 2.0
import QtMobility.location 1.2 import QtLocation 5.0
import QtMobility.sensors 1.3 import QtSensors 5.0
import QtMobility.systeminfo 1.1 import QtSystemInfo 5.0
import QtMultimediaKit 1.1 import QtMultimedia 5.0
./qmlviewer ./qmlscene

For a more detailed list of changes in QtQuick 2, see What's New in Qt Quick 2

See also the Qt documentation's porting guide

A description, how to port your Qt 4.x application to Qt 5 is here

New QML elements in QtQuick2:

  • Particles A new Particle system
  • ShaderEffect - A new Shader effects system
  • Canvas - Provides a 2D canvas element
  • CanvasGradient - Context2D opaque CanvasGradient interface
  • Context2D - The Context2D API allows you to draw 2d graphic shapes on the Canvas item.
  • TextMetrics - Context2D TextMetrics interface
  • MultiPointTouchArea - Enables handling of multiple touch points
  • TouchPoint - The TouchPoint element describes a touch point in a MultiPointTouchArea
  • PathAnimation - Animates position along a path
  • PathInterpolator - Allows manual animation along a path
  • AnimationController - Allows manual control of animation progress
  • PathArc - Defines an arc in a Path
  • PathCurve - Defines a point on a Catmull-Rom curve in a Path
  • PathSvg - Defines a sub-path specified as a SVG path data string in a Path
  • Accessible - Attached property to make components accessible
  • AnimatedSprite - The AnimatedSprite element draws a sprite animation
  • Sprite - The Sprite element represents a sprite animation
  • SpriteSequence - The SpriteSequence element draws a sprite animation
  • DragEvent - The DragEvent object provides information about a drag event.
  • DropArea - The DropArea item provides drag and drop handling.

QML element not available in QtQuick 2 anymore: