QML Maps with Pinch Zoom

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QML Map using PinchArea to zoom and MouseArea to pan

Qt Mobility's Location plugin provides a very nice QML Map item, but currently leaves navigation up to the developer to implement. Two common navigation methods are using a swipe gesture to pan the map around and using a pinch gesture to zoom in and out.

Having not found any solid examples of how to do these two things together, I thought I would post an example of some code which implement these two features. The code uses the PinchArea element which was introduced in Qt Quick 1.1.

I hope you find this helpful!

import QtQuick 1.1 import QtMobility.location 1.2

Rectangle {

id: pinchmap

property double defaultLatitude: 37.69

property double defaultLongitude: –97.33
property int defaultZoomLevel: 7

property alias mapType: map.mapType

width: 640

height: 350

Map {

id: map

anchors.fill: parent

zoomLevel: pinchmap.defaultZoomLevel
plugin: Plugin { name: "nokia" }
mapType: Map.StreetMap

center: Coordinate {

latitude: pinchmap.defaultLatitude
longitude: pinchmap.defaultLongitude

PinchArea {

id: pincharea

property double _oldZoom

anchors.fill: parent
function calcZoomDelta(zoom, percent) {
return zoom + Math.log(percent)/Math.log(2)
onPinchStarted: {

oldZoom = map.zoomLevel

onPinchUpdated: {
map.zoomLevel = calcZoomDelta(oldZoom, pinch.scale)
onPinchFinished: {
map.zoomLevel = calcZoomDelta(oldZoom, pinch.scale)
MouseArea {
id: mousearea
property boolisPanning: false
property intlastX: –1
property intlastY: –1
anchors.fill : parent
onPressed: {

isPanning = true lastX = mouse.x lastY = mouse.y

onReleased: {

isPanning = false

onPositionChanged: {
if (isPanning) {
var dx = mouse.x -lastX
var dy = mouse.y -lastY
map.pan(-dx, -dy)

lastX = mouse.x lastY = mouse.y

onCanceled: {

_isPanning = false;