QString variable to Javascript

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Small snippet showing how to call two javascript functions, one without any param, and one with a QString param…

This is a simple html to test with

 <script type="text/javascript">
 function displaymessage(str)

 function displayhello()

     <input type="button" value="Click me!">

Now using the Designer, load this page to a QWebView in your mainwindow. And in the mainwindow.cpp

QWebFrame* frame = ui->webView->page()->mainFrame();

// the below line will call the javascript function that does not have any param

// now this is how to call the javascript function which takes a QString param
QString data("Qt is the Best!"); // can be some large data, say from a file

QString param = QString("displaymessage('%1')").arg(data); // FIXME: Does not work if "data" contains a quote character!