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Qt Contributors Day 2012 in Berlin - KDE Edition

The Qt Developer Days last year were host to an event named Qt Contributors Day, where those involved in the project were able to get together and discuss pressing topics of development and marketing for the newly open-governanced Qt Project. The event was a great success, with many fruitful discussions throughout the day, and it was decided to attempt to put together a similar event this year, as a part of the newly relocated Qt Developer Days in Berlin.

It will take place on Monday, November 12th, and is made possible by the partnership between KDE and KDAB

Registration/Attendees List

Registration for the event is simple. Add your name to this list and show up on the day. Please note, there is a hard limit of 20 people in the event space we have available.

Note tl;dr: You need a ticket to Qt Developer Days including Monday (options available)

You need to be able to gain access to the event space, which means you need to be able to actually attend the conference itself as well. If you do not have a ticket, or require sponsorship in some way, i'm afraid we do not have the budget for that.

However, you can contact the KDE e.V. board, who still has a few tickets available, and please consider asking your employer for assistance in travel.

If you are buying the ticket, we have a secondary option for tickets, which will make the Monday access cheaper. Unfortunately we are not able to provide that day for free due to catering, security and other concerns, but you are able to get it at half price (in short, you won't be paying for the training you're not attending). The extra price for the Monday access is EUR 75 if you don't attend training.

  • Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen ( leinir )
  • Cornelius Schumacher
  • Lars Knoll (arriving at noon)
  • Oswald Buddenhagen
  • Richard Moore
  • Frederik Gladhorn
  • Sune Vuorela
  • Peter Hartmann
  • Tuukka Turunen (available at least between 11-15)
  • Manuel Nickschas (Sput)
  • Jos Poortvliet
  • Tobias Hunger
  • Olivier Goffart
  • Bernard
  • Dario Freddi

Event space

Last year we had three rooms available, but this time we have one large room available, which does limit the amount of scheduleable sessions. It may well be possible to break out into some of the smaller rooms, or indeed into other spaces (such as the generous recreational spaces), but the availability of these is waiting on confirmation.

Suggested Topics

The first event followed a pure unconference format, which turned out to be unfruitful in the early part of the day, and fruitful in the latter, because of the fairly small amount of time available. As such, we are asking you to suggest topics ahead of time.

As the title suggests, the main topic of the event is KDE in relation to Qt, and we would like for you to keep this in mind when coming up with topics for discussion. Many will already be aware that the KDE project is currently making changes to the libraries which make up the development framework most KDE applications are built on, which extends Qt in various ways, as well as merging certain features back into Qt itself where it makes sense.

Please note: This list is not supposed to be exhaustive, and is a way of gauging interest

  • State of the Qt Project
  • Project Showoff™ (bring a project, you have three minutes(!) to show what's awesome about it)
  • Inqlude, the Qt library archive
  • Policy for Qt Project social channels (twitter etc.)
  • Library renaming / co-installation (Sune, Ossi, Thiago and others)
  • Resourcing and development of the Qt network stack
  • QX11Info in qt5 (Rich and others)
  • Marketing of KDE Frameworks (Jos and others)
  • Status of KDE Frameworkss and timeline and stuff (Manuel and others)
  • Input on KDE eV board meeting (Cornelius)
  • Cross desktop sprint (Dario)