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Notes from the discussion (mostly Feedback session):

Dependency Graph of Bindings

Can one show which events / property changes trigger the change of a specific binding, which triggered the event / property change again etc?

Photoshop Export Plugin

There are problems when the source file changes over time, and the already exported .qml files & graphical assets should be updated. Designers should ideally be educated to e.g. retain layer names.

Other ideas:

  • ‘Explotion Diagram’ or just grid of names that show the assets
  • Logging the Actions done in Photoshop to allow mappings of assets independent from names
  • View in Photoshop that shows the existing .qml file as e.g. semi-transparent overlay
  • Can one somehow mark a button as a button in Photoshop already? * Is Photoshop the right tool ten? Better use Adobe Illustrator

Ideally Designers should be educated & be working closely together with the programmer, but that’s just often not the case (e.g. when they are working for another company).

Interaction Designer / Flowchart Editor

A tool that let you quickly prototype simple flows between screens etc

  • Often this is done as wireframes. A component set that shows e.g. everything grayish would help here
  • People use Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Powerpoint …
  • Needs to be graphical such that Designers, non-technical people can use it * Simple things like ‘if you click here you go to state 2’ should be done without editing .qml (can be a specific element for this purpose)
  • Things to check out : Balsamik, Adobe Illustrator

Quick Designer

What is it meant for?

  • Right now not useful for Designers (too limited)
  • Not enough for programmers either

Problems Quick Designer faces

  • Expressiveness of QML
  • Imperative code


  • Make a new format for static stuff only (Qt Designer alike) * Could be #pragma designer
  • Put dynamic stuff in second file * Merging of both files e.g. by inheritance, property aliases


  • Anchoring does not allow you to select target anchor
  • Show anchors as e.g. dotted lines (Adobe Illustrator shows guides)
  • Create anchors when e.g. snapping + control key