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Qt on Mobile – QtC2011 session

The session gives an update to how is doing in Mobile: Symbian and Meego.

Contacts: Aleksi Uotila (Qt Product Manager for Symbian), Minjung Shin (Qt PM for Mobility APIs, Qt Quick 3D), Tero Äijälä (Qt PM for Mobility APIs), Eero Penttinen (Qt Program Manager for Harmattan/Nokia MeeGo) [email for all: firstname.surname@nokia.com].


  • Qt version & Symbian release roadmap for Symbian
  • Qt feature roadmap for Symbian
  • Status & future of Mobility APIs
  • Symbian specific Qt APIs under construction within Nokia
  • Nokia MeeGo (Harmattan)

Qt on Symbian presentation slides showed in the session:

Demo applications shown during the session using Qt Quick (QML) on Symbian: