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Qt Networking session:


Several INdT people, a Tampere VPN guy, Siddharth (Nokia) Markus (Qt), Peter (Qt), Shane (Accenture), Rich Moore (KDE), Holger Freyther, some others


  • SSL: several features needed: OCSP, TLS extensions, EV cert support, creating certs… see SSL page on DevNet: http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/Improving_Qts_SSL_Support
  • KDE: Getting rid of KSslSocket, have everything in Qt.
  • improve performance with epoll (libev)?
  • Holger: how to improve performance? use epoll (libev) instead of select? Markus: maybe use epoll in own network code without Qt event loop?
  • Holger: we never figured out where we loose time? where is Qt Network slow? use system test, benchmarks (oprofile, Mac: shark)…
  • Markus: what features are missing in Qt? Siddharth: QNetworkDiskCache: needs to be improved, QNetworkCookieJar: persist?
  • Better authentication credential handling
  • SSL errors should be more verbose
  • IPv6: listen to any address and IPv4 and IPv6: can listen to some interfaces, but not all. listen() should reveal more information: what succeeded, what not?
  • DNS IPv6: long timeout, Markus: depends on OS, no setting for host name lookup time out
  • custom socket options for mobile?
  • WebKit zerocopy still pending

feel free to add things that were discussed and do not appear in this list