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Summary from our session at the Qt Contributor Summit 2011 (see http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-6229):

  • "I know the pain of OAuth, I'm looking forward to have it in Qt"
  • "We are missing OAuth"
  • Please vote for this bug
  • OAuth1 vs OAuth2. We think OAuth1 is not that important anymore
  • Let's not tie this to Qt5
  • There is kQAuth, QOAuth, Digia-OAuth, Futurize-OAuth, article about OAuth2 using QML
  • Maybe QtAddon that everyone can use, maybe with a checkbox inside the SDK
  • HMAC-SHA1 needed, might introduce OpenSSL dependency
  • Outcome: Follow up with Johan Paul, Follow up with ? about Qt addons/modules.