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Current topic list

This is a living list that will most likely change over the coming weeks.

1 slot is meant to take 50 minutes to allow for easy changing of rooms and coffee I/O. Longer sessions can book 2 slots.

Topic title Topic Owner Slots Description Comments
Qt Roadmap Review Pia Vuorela 1 public roadmap reviews kick-off Qt Public Roadmap process
" Henry Haverinen Qt Roadmap overview
" Lars Knoll Highlights of Qt 5.0
Network stack Markus Goetz 1 General information and overview Makes only sense if we have people participating that are interested in the network stack
Object model Olivier Goffart 1 How to move forward with QObject, signals and slots, moc, …

Technical introducion to the code and discussions on what could be done, new connection syntax [developer.qt.nokia.com]

API Design

Olivier Goffart 1 Presentation on the Qt way of API design and binary compatibility
Qt Quick 2 and beyond Michael Brasser 2 Planned features for Qt Quick 2 and future directions General overview and discussions on what could be done
Qt Quick on the desktop
C++ data models for QML
QtWebKit roadmap review 1
QPA (lighthouse) plugins Jørgen 1
QtWayland Jørgen 1 QtWayland is a new Qt module containing the wayland qpa plugin and QtCompositor

SceneGraph adaptions

Gunnar 1
Modularization Kristian/Thiago 1
Platform support 1
Examples and demos for the documentation Casper van Donderen 0.5
Documentation and DevNet Kevin Wright 0.5
Workflow for contributing to the documentation 1 The workflow for code contribution has been setup. We need a similar process for contributing to the documentation (excluding the actual API docs?)


Volker [developer.qt.nokia.com]


A wiki article [developer.qt.nokia.com] has a suggestion

SW project management and feature planning 2
Criteria for reviewer-/maintainership Thiago 1 There needs to be a way to find out who the maintainer is, and a way to actually reach that maintainer.
Qt vs. QtWebKit practices/workflows/rules Simon 1

Where does Qt lack quality?

Caroline Chao 1

Performance QA

Jo Asplin 1
How can QA tools and assets be improved? Sergey Hambardzumyan 1
What metrics would help Qt contributors? Sergio Ahumada 1
Open Governance practicalities: Tools overview Kevin Wright 1 tooling, infrastructure, cooperation. We also need some discussion on how we structure the approval of new features. For instance, it would be good to be able to discuss a contribution and get an OK for it in principle before any code is submitted.
Open Governance Tools training Kevin Wright 2 Gerrit, git, JIRA, ..
Open Governance Roles and Processes training Hanne Linaae 2 More in-depth than keynote about how Qt Open Governance is supposed to work. Should be done by Thiago or similar.
"Social Skills for Geeks" Hanne Linaae 1 Training and discussion style. Ways of working in the community
How to start a Qt project 1
C++0x 1
QtScript Jędrzej Nowacki 1 Future of QtScript, V8 port and in general ECMA Script integration
Qt 5 1
Qt 5 product definition Henry Haverinen 1 Qt5 "product" topics like scope, module/package structure, cross-platform promise, compatibility promise, naming and numbering, Qt and add-ons for Qt

Wiki article about this topic

WebKit 2 for Qt Simon 1
Localization Denis Dzyubenko 1 Currenct status and ideas for improvements

Only if there are people interested in the topic. Feedback and code from KDE (John Layt) would be great. KDE very interested in discussing using QLocale and QDateTime. See http://developer.qt.nokia.com/groups/qt_contributors_summit/wiki/QDateTime and http://community.kde.org/KDE_Core/Platform_11/Locale

Qt Font Stack

Eskil, Jiang 1 Recent changes and future plans for the font stack
Contributing to Qt Creator Daniel Molkentin / Erik Verbruggen 1 How can we encourage external contributions? What do people miss?
Accessibility Frederik Gladhorn 1
The Meditech Project Enrico Miglino 1 A Qt-based project in the health care field integrating custom hardware, wireless, mobile, networking and multiplatform desktop environment. The project is totally open-source and open-hardware. Applying in other projects too, in this project should be presented a different approach to multi-platform development and mobile vs desktop application integration.
Introduction to git Enrico Miglino 1 Introduction to git (with special focus on the usage within the Qt ecosystem) Some additional information for users who are familiar with svn and/or hg would be helpful

Build System

André Pönitz 1 a session on the build system – does it make sense to keep qmake around? Should Qt adopt cmake, maybe turning qma

For preparation, please read http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2009/10/14/to-make-or-not-to-make-qmake-and-beyond-redux/


Michael Schloh von Bennewitz 1 Discussion of potential integration of LDAP in the Qt library

Integration could resemble the QSQL classes, or be part of the new addon architecture. Lecture sheets are available from the Europalab Fileserver [ftp.europalab.com]

ItemViews Gabriel de Dietrich 1 The What, Who, and How of the future of ItemViews I don't think it's worth doing a presentation, but I can moderate the debate if there's enough interest
Legal Training for Maintainers & Approvers Cristy Hamley & Ari Tähti 1 The legal "how to" for maintainers & approvers
Code cleanup Jeremy Katz? 1 areas where the code could use some non-feature, non-bug fix love
Interoperability with non-Qt code Jeremy Katz? 1 Should Qt have better interoperability with (GTK, Boost, ?)
Next Step in Qt Training Juergen Bocklage-Ryannel 1 Training Material is Open Sourced. How to contribute?

QtMultimediaKit Beyond Mobility

Gerard Loughran, Michael Goddard 1 An overview of what is currently offered, future plans (including Qt5 and OpenGov), and how contribution is supported
Qt on Mobile Tero Äijälä and Aleksi Uotila 1 Discussions on Qt developer experience, short term roadmap and APIs on mobile device (Symbian, MeeGo)

Qt Quick components for Symbian

Pekka Jokela, Timo Rouvinen 1 Demo of Symbian Qt Components 1.0 using QtCreator. Going through the essential components and demonstrating application development with simulator and hardware.


Michael Goddard, Charles Yin 1 Improvements, future, finding victim‍hero to maintain it The other sessions that touch on maintanership (legal, opengov, criteria etc) might also be interesting to potential maintainers.
Code coverage testing of Qt applications Sebastien Fricker & Bill King 1 Using Testcocoon to provide coverage metrics to improve testing levels of Qt applications
Qt Quick 3D Minjung Shin 1 Qt Quick 3D roadmap and feedback session
MetaType/introspection model Stephen Kelly, Olivier Goffart 1 Figuring out what the Metatype introspection stuff/QVariant should make possible

A bunch of stuff may be possible, such as Recursive Autoconditional Container registration and QVariant/QObject introspection features, http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-15313

Qt really Embedded, RTOS

Harald Fernengel, Jørgen Lind 1 Discussion about really embedded devices, and the RTOS (QNX, VxWorks, INTEGRITY) ports of Qt. How can we make Qt super-small, yet still usable / maintainable?
KDE and Qt communities working together Cornelius Schumacher, Frederik Gladhorn 1 What can we learn from each other? Looking at community and collaboration beyond the technical aspect.

Qt and Object Relational Mapping (ORM)

Michael Goddard, Charles Yin 1 Ideas for adding ORM to Qt.
Necessitas introduction and discussion (Qt on Android) BogDan Vatra, Robert Schuster 2 What is necessitas? What does this Ministro-thing do? What has been achieved? What needs to be worked on? How to contribute? Discussion.
Necessitas coding (Qt on Android) BogDan Vatra, Robert Schuster 2 Come here and get to know how to write Qt applications for Android. Bring your own app or port an existing one. No Android knowledge or device needed – just a laptop. If you miss this workshop on one day don't worry we try to offer this one once per conference day depending on interest.

Printing in Qt

John Layt 1 Improvements required to Printing, maintainership.
KDE Technology in Qt John Layt(?) 2(?) Looking at what KDE code and technology can be integrated into Qt This session will look at specific KDE code and frameworks which could be added to Qt, from small feature enhancement to existing classes (KUrl, KIcon, KLineEdit, etc), new functionality (KMimeType), and new add-on modules KJob).
Qt, Meego and AppUp Sulamita Garcia, Monika Lischke 1 AppUp is open for Meego applications submission. Qt is the main technology supported for this, and we would like to talk to developers about the submissions, and also hear back their feedback. We believe AppUp can be a great distribution channel for Qt applications, so let's work together.

Qt library archive [developer.qt.nokia.com]

Cornelius Schumacher 1 Getting a better overview and more easy access to all the great Qt based libraries out there, especially also those done independently of the core Qt libraries. Having something like CPAN or Ruby gems would be great. Let's discuss what we can do here. We discussed this topic at the KDE Platform sprint and collected some input and ideas.
The future of Qt and DirectFB Denis Oliver Kropp and Andreas Shimokawa 1 We'd like to demonstrate the latest developments regarding Qt/DirectFB and talk about the future of this symbiosis
PIM John Layt (?) 1 A session for Qt Mobility and KDE PIM teams to meet and discuss common issues Only if enough interest, may be better as an informal social meeting? Could also discuss issues around QDateTime and Time Zones.

UX Feedback System – CrowdQuick [developer.qt.nokia.com]

Sivan Greenberg 1 A session to discuss and write a functional specification for CrowdQuick I would love influential Qt people to participate and help me start this.
QNetworkAccessManager more synchronous support? Sivan Greenberg 1 importance of synchronous API in QNAM, who needs and why? Informal, with room for some hands on hacking I'd think, and if either Peter Hartmann and/or Markus Goetz can participate – perfect!
QtQuick comprehensive teaching Sivan Greenberg 1

More comprehensive teaching of QtQuick, emphasis on more than just 2D and UX – A start: QtQuick for network access and web services consumption, maybe in par with http://tinyurl.com/3qtpphy

Informal with action items extracted hopefully at finish. Needs Jürgen Bocklage-Ryannel
Drawing more community to QtQuick components contributions. Sivan Greenberg 1 Brainstorm how to make it easier and attractive to get your name on Qt's commit list without knowing too much C+ and make your CV shine!

I'd like to use the fact QtQuick components use QML/Javascript to attract new developer contributors to Qt , perhaps as a more code oriented approach to http://tinyurl.com/5uqqeds