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Session: Packaging Qt

Time: Thursday, June 21, 10:30-11:20
Session host: Daniel Molkentin
Suggested audience: Current and future SDK maintainers, Distro packagers

Suggested Topics

  • Quick Welcome round of interested parties: Who does what?
  • Public Build infrastructure summary (Infra behind http://builds.qt.io )
  • Download consolidation (Infra behind http://releases.qt.io )
  • Overview over the Qt-based SDKs
    • Targets
    • Scope
    • Installer system (package-based, IFW).
  • Improving cooperation
  • Ensuring binary compatibility
  • Distro native packages
    • Distro patches and upstream
    • SDK als native packages, pro’s and con’s
  • Legal aspects (Cristy)

List of SDKs

  • Qt SDK (Nokia, Digia)
  • Necesitas SDK (Qt/Android port) (BogDan & Necesitas Project)
  • QtonPi (Nokia) (?)
  • Add your SDK here if you want to attend


Packages, source packages, deliverables on side
Binary packages to get things running fast

Jason McDonald – release managing

ABI compatible, 5.0.0 -> 5.0.1, etc

Microsoft having tendency to break ABI

Digia building commercial packages

openSUSE, Mer, Debian (through qt multimedia guys, friggle)

Scripts building packages are in public but glue isn’t

Scripts quite rough, modularization rewrite

Installers build on own machine


Immature infrastructure, improving. qtrepotools

Few other issues: infra to go open, log files, results, etc. CI system related and how to move it outside Nokia. CI system tomorrow.

Integrating QNX, etc. Building own installers. Not really ideal. qt-project run ci-engine. Tier 1 failures == CI failure.

Not ideal to have in same physical location, ISP down = boom. Distributed hardware across multiple locations. Looking at jenkins. Current, Pulse

CI done and then we can discuss how to integrate new platforms. Jenkins, one platform at a time. From internal to external machines.

Real devices tests, pulse can help it, testing tools, can test remotely. Some device types are ‘unsecured’ devices/unlocked to test again

CI doesn’t care about if it’s on desktop or device, device is slower than testing on desktop, pace of CI is determined by slowest platform. Turnaround improvement by parrallization(sp)

Deploy steps in CI. Qt Test and CI, saturday. Program has session on moving infra out in to the open, documentation, etc.

Splitting packages capable with src-snapshot. tar.gz of individual modules for distros.

Past: license headers, etc, differences, no commercial usage, etc

Qt5: saner. repository does match the source packages. Tags/release branch.

Linux: generate packages, long run: all linux/mac platforms, in build.

Windows problematics: slipstreaming windows sdk install, etc. Free visual studio isn’t always the best or able. Current instructions vs2010. No visual studio on compile machines.

WindowsXP doesn’t have IPv6, etc.. Many customers still. Make sure it works. Support XP for Qt5, possibly drop later. XP machine needed..

Compile farm different from CI farm.

Daniel Molkentin
Qt tools team, previous SDK, only creator packaging

Andre Ponitz, qt creator

Harald Fernengel, Distribute qt across different linux distros. Not just opensuse/ubuntu.

Jason McDonald, CI guy, release management, qt test suite. Reduce insignificant tests.

Distro specific bugs.

Bjorn Breitmeyer, KDAB, qt5 for windows CE, originally qt sdk, CI, packaging..

Patrick Spendrik, KDAB, package qt for KDE on windows

Andy, KDAB, windows CE, qnx and blackberry. Packaging of playbook SDK for qt4/5.

Alex, Raspberry Pi foundation, qt5, SF, donald/girish, qt5 on raspberry pi, simplistic working/debian, make it easier to deploy to platform, etc. Standard debian package for qt5

Carsten, merproject.org, packaged qt5 since forever, etc

Stephan Binner, basysKom, openSUSE packaging

Download consilidation different workshop.

Qt SDK against qt5. Possibly unrealistic in short term.