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Notes of QWidget session, June 22, 2012


  • Great interest in QtWidgets
  • Code base actively ported to Qt 5, far from dead.
  • Present company considering maintainership

Candidates for new widgets

  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Progress spinner
  • Make use of KDE Frameworks 5
    • Clear button in QLineEdit
    • URL button, etc.
  • Check out widget galleries from other toolkits
  • Be aware of platform-specific IP protection

Help with migration from Qt 3/4 to 5

  • Desktop QML components (using QStyle)
  • Wrap QWidgets in QML container element
  • Educate developers about UI/backend separation
  • Converter of .ui files to QML?

Open Issues

  • Regressions in QGraphicsView
  • Fixes needed for Mac OS X Lion
  • Investigate Windows 8 Metro
  • Get message out about QWidgets being alive