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Proposed topics:

-General introduction and "how documentation works"
-Publishing new projects and setting up new module documentation
-Content and usability

Some ideas, wishes, and proposals in the session:

-Keep DITA XML output because Blackberry documentation needs it
-Keep QDoc because of the QML support and the amount of documentation to convert to be done
-Host .qch files at the doc-snapshot.qt.io site (or elsewhere) for people to download
-Readability and information flow needs to be consistent – Maybe combine pages into one long page? – Edit the use of the landing pages and API pages and the use of the visible text. (Clicking a link may take you elsewhere) – Maybe have the commit template or CI warn about the use of the links – Jerome: the usage of links is hard to enforce but it is possible to catch them during the review time – The use of module name is not clear to developers or authors. "Qt QML" and "QtQml" go to different pages.
-Can we get the doc sanity bot to check the other repositories? – We can host the QDoc warnings online too
-Keep the important information in the reference, not wikis or forums.
-Redirects in qt.io and qt.digia.com needs auditing.