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Ideas for kicking off discussion

  • New OpenGL enablers:
    • Textures
      • Samplers
    • Extending QOpenGLFramebufferObject
      • Access the color[i] attachment i>0
      • Access the depth+stencil attachments
    • Image Formats
    • Transform feedback
    • Uniform Buffers & Shader Storage Buffers
    • GL debug labels (QObject name?)
    • Occlusion queries
    • Shader pipeline objects (mix ‘n match shaders)
    • ?
  • Moving QGLWidget -> QOpenGLWidget in QtWidgets
    • What’s left in QtOpenGL? => Deprecating QtOpenGL
    • How would it work with QGV
  • Text rendering
    • On textures?
    • distance field generator in QtQuick => move to QtGui?
  • Adopt a native GL context
  • Driving animations from an OpenGL thread
  • Qt3D 2.0