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- We agree that we focus on C++11 and new
features requires it

- We want to add the overload
connect(ob1, &ddd::fff, receiver, []{}, Qt::QueuedConnection);

- For function such as QTimer::singleShot, we can add the
two template overload and some helper code in (private?) API
to share the complicated template code. Or just use QSlot<…>
QTimer::singleShot(int, QSlot<void()>)

- implement
template<typename …Args>
QMetaObject::queuedInvoke(QObject, Ret(T::*)(Args…), Args…)
template<typename …Args>
QMetaObject::blockingQueuedInvoke(QObject, Ret(T::*)(Args…), Args…) -> Ret

Templateed QObject: – investigate what are the use case to see what kind of features we want to support or not. (Not to open too many cans of worms