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Qt Creator session Android, iOS
API Stabilities
  • Reduce number of symbols
  • Go over the API’s, review
Sharing with other projects
  • put QML/jS parser to extra repo?
  • Announce changes in e.g. QML debugging API
  • Welcome page extension?
What about CLANG?
  • KDevelop is looking into it, too.
  • CLang by default in 3.0
  • Using Clang information could be potentially used by compiler
  • Maybe run clang first in a fast way, then in a slower, more accurate way?
Can we share qmake / qbs ?
  • qbs is a library
Qt Quick 2 Welcome Screen – are there hooks? YEs, there are. CMake integration – can we ###### from kdevelop? Deployment – integration – what to put into build system? – not problem of Qt Creator Kits – Blackberry users are confused that they have to have different kits for different devices (even if the rest is the same). However, that’s the whole idea of the kit.