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QtDBus module discussions at Qt Contributor Summit 2013

Topics for discussion:

  • Rewriting the engine:
    • Dropping the libdbus-1 dependency
    • Moving the connection handling to a dedicated thread
    • Adding support for kdbus
  • kdbus overview


  1. Take ahartmetz’s marshaller/demarshaller and put on top of QtDBus & libdbus-1
  2. Moving the handling to a thread
  3. Handling our own socket
    1. Remember the specifics about sockets on Windows
  4. Adding kdbus compatibility
  • Generator in QtDBus generates synchronous property get and set
    • QtDBus should discourage sync calls more
    • For properties, we could add new API that is async (returns QDBusPendingReply<void> and QDBusPendingReply<QDBusVariant>)
  • There is no error-checking in qdbus_cast (from variants)
    • No way to distinguish a T() returned from qdbus_cast<T>() as empty or as error
  • Parse documentation annotations and generate documentation in the Interface and Adaptors?
  • Investigate the type system used by Telepathy
  • Update documentation about supporting multiple platforms (specifically, Windows)
    • Right now, it says it’s Unix-only
    • Would be nice to have better tutorials too