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Meet the CI


Tony went through how the CI is set up.

Longer discussion about the flaky and broken tests that tend to block changes getting through the CI.

Failing test cases: See the wiki http://wiki.qt.io/CI_Failing_Tests
We will create a Jira task for the top most failing tests. If the tests normally would have blocked the build, they should get P0 priority.

More people should be able to help out with the CI. Access can be given to trusted individuals – also outside of Digia.

Tony also shortly presented the new Qt metric pages: http://testresults.qt.io/qtmetrics/index.php
This page will be updated to add more specific info about failing test cases, and can hopefully replace

Changelogs: Enforce adding a ChangeLog entry in the commit message.
Add to template default commented out, but use when needed.
Thiago send email, and will make a changelog parser.

——- Agenda ——

In this session you have the chance to come talk about the CI. I, Tony Sarajärvi (Tech lead in CI), will be there answering your every question. I could think of two things I could present to you (the Qt Metrics and the CI in general). However, since I’m there to give you information, I will list below the agenda we put together. So please, contact me if you want to raise up something there, and I’ll add it to the agenda.


  • Q&A You ask the questions and I try to answer them. This is more of a rule, than something on the agenda ;)
  • Qt Metrics We launched Qt Metrics for the public in June. I will present the portal to you and show you how to navigate there and how to interpret the content.
  • CI presentation This will cover just very briefly the way our CI works. I’ll show a few screenshots and describe how your commits go through the machine.
  • Maintainers This is a suggested topic, and we’ll go through how the process [qt.io] goes, and if something is wrong with it.
  • Changelogs Also a suggested topic. Apparently we need changelogs to commits :)