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Minutes from Qt Mac Planning Discussion

Qt Contributors' Summit, June 16, 2013 @ 15.00

Gabriel went through list of outstanding tasks for Mac extras.
Action: Make sure that all of them are Jira tasks. (most are)

  • Accessibility: Crash when resize window, but will anyway not be officially supported until 5.2
  • App Store: Problems with having ICU and WebKit


  • Embedding NSViews works for simple cases only (not for ScrollView)
  • Unified ToolBar
    • use cocoa toolbar: difficult because have to put openGL on top of native toolbar

Touch and Gestures

  • Add scroll bounce – should it be default? probably not for widgets since it is not there now, but can be default for the Qt Quick Controls. Do it "right" for Qt Quick Controls, and then see if want to use the same for Widgets.

Extend API to support Qt Quick (QWindow or QQuickView, TBD) – James take a look at how to do it

NSView wrapper

  • NSView in QWindows (main use case is for search fields and buttons)
  • QMacStyle: Based on Carbon HiTheme
    • Use NSCell? instead – a bit hackish.
  • New event dispatcher for Mac. WIP.
    • Want to merge with the iOS event dispatcher moving on.


  • Should put primary headers directly into the Frameworks. Have been some discussions on the mailing list, but no conclusion. We think it should be described: File a bug.

Mac X 10.6 – when to deprecate?

  • could stop supporting gcc, and clang only
  • many use it still
  • might be that it would be helpful when starting to support 10.9
  • C++11 not supported in 10.6
  • Should deprecate for 5.3, and start warn people with 5.2 release.
  • Could mean that keep the 10.6 code in a separate QPA plug-in.


  • qtbase works except for plugin
  • a few crashes related to font selection
  • should be OK for supporting in Qt 5.2

—- Agenda —-

  • Integration of Qocoa helpers into mac-extras (or equivalent controls in Qt Quick Controls for Mac)
  • NSSegmentedControl wrapper / analog in widgets / QQC
  • Framework vs non-framework build issues, deployment