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Qt for iOS

This session covers development of the Qt for iOS port, and is aimed at those who have contributed to the iOS port, and those who want to join the development.


  • Intro
  • Where we are
    • TP for 5.1
    • Widgets, QML1, OpenGL
    • Sensors
    • Network
    • Basic Xcode integration
  • What do we need to do
    • Build system fixes
    • Autotests
    • Full Creator and Xcode integration
    • Proper event loop integration
    • Touch/mouse "solved"
    • Packaging/loading of QML2 plugins
  • What do we want to do
    • Easy integration / use of native ObjC APIs / UIKit
    • Native dialogs, menus, etc
    • Bearer management
    • iOS style for Qt Quick Controls
    • Common tooling for mobile (icons, supported orientation, etc.)
    • Launch screens
    • ARMv7s
    • CocoaPods