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  • What has been happening for 5.1
    • Render loop for windows
    • New threaded renderloop
  • What is going to happen for 5.2?
    • Renderer
    • Animations on a thread?
  • Scene-graph integration with other rendering; ‘master mode’ with beginNativeRendering / endNativeRendering calls to ensure SG state is restored.
  • ‘slave’ mode; disable the render thread, have a well defined entry point to make SG perform rendering on an existing context. All GL state setup and init needs to happen inside this entry point. (This is for integration with OpenSceneGraph, OGRE etc where both context creation and timing/threading of rendering are out of our control)
  • Real support for AA – render to multisample texture formats to avoid a RenderBuffer -> texture copy
  • Core profile support, especially for Mac; ES3 support; add VAOs, potentially other tweaks
  • Stand alone module?