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Travel Bilbao

Budget hotel recommendations

Room sharing can cut everyone's costs down significantly and help attendees get to know each other better. Some lessons learned from previous events such as Maemo Summit 2009:

  • Establish a wiki table for roommate matching (see example)
  • The wiki table should at least contain columns for each roommate's name, special notes and considerations (smoking, snoring, sleepwalking, etc). Transport arrival/departure info (flight, train, etc) is also helpful. Contact info can be included but keep in mind the public nature of a wiki; linking to an attendee's wiki user account is a good idea (see example).
  • If a credit card is required for reservations, decide upfront which roommate will take care of this.
  • Make sure to have all of your roommate's contact info!

Other suggestions

  • If flying, ALWAYS carry on one or more days' clothing and necessities if you are checking in any luggage
  • Make a color copy of your passport before traveling and store in a safe place
  • Get a local SIM card ASAP if you need one!
  • Get full contact information for everyone you want to stay in touch with before traveling
  • If you can, enable the "Turn on mobile notifications" feature in twitter for attendees, especially those with whom you will frequently associate. This will echo tweets to SMS.