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Expiring bugs

  • Bug database is cluttered with old stuff
  • Only triagers and devs can re-open bugs
    • Normal people can only clone bugs
  • Process:
    • For Unassigned bugs that are 1 year old or more, post a nice comment saying we’re sorry we didn’t get to it and ask for re-confirmation
    • Move the bug to Need More Info state
    • Send a list of bugs that changed state sorted by priority (especially P0-P2)
    • Every month, expire Need More Info bugs that are 3 months old
    • For the first time, we’ll start with longer periods, then shorten to the numbers above
  • Assignment process:
    • Assignee is the person who is going to do the work, conceivably in the near future
    • If you’re not going to do work, unassign, but keep watching
    • All bugs need to have at least one watcher
    • All components must have a default assignee, who triages
  • This applies to Qt only, not Creator
  • This applies only to Bugs, not Tasks or Suggestions