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Current scope for 5.4

  • Android style (including text selection)
  • Popup abstraction for embedded, non-QPA mobile use-cases
  • Missing features (e.g., ComboBox sections)
  • TreeView

And beyond…

  • iOS style
  • Proper style selection/resolution

And more…

  • Distinguish between user induced property change and internal property change (Designer guys)
  • Time picker, or extend Calendar (Tomasz)
  • Better QML designer support, e.g. interactive tab editing
  • Tabs as Loaders are not good for Designer
  • ComboBox popup not "explorable" (Stephan from Froglogic)
  • ComboBox/Menu items can be arbitrary Items
  • Windows Phone ApplicationWindow style (menubar at the bottom)
  • Explore why we're not getting a minimal deploy tree
  • How to add (more) behavior in the style?