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Slides from presentation can be found at http://www.kdab.com/~sean/Qt3D/Qt3D_CS.pdf

  • Wiki page with some more details at http://wiki.qt.io/Qt3D-wip-newapi-Overview
  • Why the subsystem architecture
    • Allow users/developers to enrich the scene
    • Allow Qt3D to be extensible with Aspects: audio, physics, …
  • Why the components based architecture
  • Why configuring the FrameGraph
    • QQ2: hardcoded framegraph — render opaque pass + transparent pass
    • In Qt3D: allow users to configure the passes, etc.
  • The QML API maps 1:1 the C++ API
    • QtQuick3DFoo <-> Qt3DFoo
    • qmlRegisterExtendedType
  • TODOs for 5.x:
    • remove certain type providers from QtQuick
      • f.i. Qt.vector3d(…) should be provided by a common library QtQuick2 and Qt3D link to
      • Animations
    • QQmlCustomParser, QQmlParserStatus public?
    • qmlRegisterExtendedUncreatableType and qmlRegisterExtendedCustomType
    • Integration with QQ2
  • TODO before release:
    • Un-namespace the API
    • Shape: use a class per each builtin shape type
    • Provide a set of materials / effects
    • Figure out how to deal with ThreadWeaver licensing
      • Compile time flags for disabling / choosgin between TW / IBB
      • For 5.4 just disable it
    • Khronos, etc.
  • Technical preview out soon?