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Core OpenGL enablers

Dynamic GL.

Primarly for Qt 5.4 on Windows – Needed on other platforms as well. It would be ideal if we could ship a version of Mesa with Qt using SW rasterizer, and hence ensuring Qt will always work.

QGLWidget replacement

QOpenGLWidget and QOpenGLWindow provides the functionality on par with
QGLWidget. This is done so that we should be able to deprecate the
entire QGL Module. – There is some concerns for how and when the different classes
should be used.

There are some functions in QGLContext and QGLWidget that we don’t
want to create in the new classes. – They are still relevant. Keep them around, and don’t mess
with the current context. – It would be cool it it was possible to have some convenience
that enabled you to do distancefield text rendering straight in QtGui.

It needs to be possible to share define how contexts are shared..
There was an interesting note about sharing contexts on OS X. A
context with a core profile can not share with a context without a
core profile.

bla bla bla… Fbo’s doesnt work. bla bla bla

Lets stick to the current plan, and have a QOpenGLWidow that can be
embedded and QOpenGLWidget.

I want to embedded QWidgets inside a QOpenGLWindow.

Is it possible to get the tlw QWidgets context used for composition. – Its possible to give it, but there is no helpers for
controlling the state

Sharing with 3 party contexts is important.

Setting the format when using QOpenGLWidget is an unknown. There needs
to be a compatibility of some degree.

Other OpenGL topics

makeCurrent with NO_EGLSURFACE would be nice but Laszlo notes that
offscreen surface with 1×1 does just as good a job.

Support for GLES 3. What will happen? Need to add version functions

Adapting contexts are in, but not for all platforms.