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CI problems

  • Network tests fail a lot. Proposed solutions to avoid running network tests:
  • Move QtNetwork into its own git module
    • Thiago: Network cannot swapped out into its own module, due to dbus reqiring it in the future
  • Only run network tests when code affecting QtNetwork has changed -> more likely
  • Gurantees for VMs
  • CPU time
  • Swapping a problem?
  • Proposed Solution: Give more resources to VM tests. Frederik to take care.
  • Debugging of Network error causes:
    • Rich and Peter to sign NDA with Digia to get VPN access. Tuuka is involved, will start after holidays
  • CI resources are not well used, getting fixed in the future (Frederik)

SOCKS Proxy code

  • The code is horrible (Thiago)
  • We are not currently testing against SSH (the most common usecase probably), only Dante
  • The tests have been unstable, will be disabled for now
  • Rich volunteered to look into it at some point


  • Tests are disabled
  • Before, we used Linux machines. Would be nice to also run against Windows Servers to get coverage for Domain credential use.
  • Digia would get a Windows Server VM up and running, danimo to provide instructions to Frederik


  • Rich hates the SSL errors API, the design is wrong, sometimes still requires a subeventloop, The concept of "accepting error" is wrong, you accept a chain. On top, there are different errors with different versions of OpenSSL. We need a new API.
  • The new API would be a lot simpler: Rubberstamp the chain, instead of individual errors. The current API leads to "overacceptance", essentially to SSL errors.
  • Possbilities for a predefined UI: No single UI will fit all purposes, but we can make it easier by providing a clear API that just needs to be hooked into Widgets/QML.

Qt 5.4 goals

  • Rich: QSslServer Class, in lieu of QTcpServer
  • Peter: Persistent Store: TLS session tickets, HSTS, Intermediate Certs,Cookies
  • iOS backend progressing well, would be nice to get in